Caribbean Agribusiness Association (CABA)

About CABA

The Caribbean AgriBusiness Association (CABA) represents the Caribbean Region’s first agricultural association. It was officially established in May 1998.

CABA was founded as an integrated and vital agricultural mechanism to provide a collective negotiating voice for the agribusiness sub-sector and further stimulate agribusiness growth and trade in the Region.

CABA is dedicated to promoting a common agribusiness interest through concentrated and consolidated action, and to be an effective advocate of agribusiness interest before governments in the Region


CABA is endorsed and supported by the Inter- American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the Hemispheric’s specialised agency for agricultural development.

With IICA’s presence in the 34 democratically elected countries of the Western Hemisphere and working relationship with the Hemisphere’s Ministers of Agriculture, IICA can provide CABA with the integral contacts to both the private and public agri-business sectors.

Through the IICA alliance, CABA has access to a wealth of agricultural research, including policy analyses, trade statistics and information on trends in technological innovations for agriculture.


  •  To coordinate the efforts of agribusiness throughout the Region for the purpose of promoting a common interest through collective action so as to ensure the sustainability of the sector.
  • To promote and advance the social and economic conditions of those engaged in agricultural pursuits.
  • To assist in the formulation and promotion of regional agricultural policies to meet changing national and international economic conditions.
  • To promote and maintain critical linkages between the agribusiness sector and other sectors, including banking, transportation and tourism.
  • To actively provide relevant trade and market information to assist the region’s agribusiness in negotiations and trade.

You will be a member of the most comprehensive and powerful voice for the Caribbean private agribusiness sector. CABA represents your views and positions to the governments and negotiating teams of the various trade negotiations.
With representation in all CARICOM countries, Miami, and Washington, DC, through its relationship with the Inter American institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, CABA can source the most complete and up to the minute trade information for your business.
Members are entitled to free websites advertising their businesses to the world on the hemisphere’s most comprehensive agricultural information network on the World Wide Web - AgroInfo Americas.
Members are eligible to receive sponsorship to existing trade shows, important meetings and seminars throughout the world.
Members enjoy discounted inscriptions to agribusiness events throughout the world.

  • Political Representation
  • Timely Trade Information
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Discounts

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