Climate Bulletins

June 07, 2016

Caribbean Regional Climate Centre 

Climate change and variability are having adverse effects on climate sensitive socio-economic sectors in the Caribbean. These impacts are expected to grow in the future if appropriate cost-effective adaptation strategies are not implemented. Adapting to climate change and increasing variability requires that the best information on past, current and future climate be available to support decision-making in the Caribbean and sectors such as agriculture.

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CariCOF Climate Outlooks

The CariCOF Climate Outlooks for the Caribbean are prepared by the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology with contributions from some regional Meteorological Services.

The outlooks are produced by combining objective input (climate model output) and subjective input (experience). Precipitation forecasts from the Climate Prediction Tool (CPT – a statistical model) in the form of probabilities of above-, near-, or below normal rainfall, are balanced with similar output from dynamical climate models – i.e. general circulation models. 

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