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News Date: August 01 2016

The Government is pursuing the development of organic agriculture as part of the economic growth agenda.

Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries minister Karl Samuda, speaking at the official opening of the Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show in May Pen, Clarendon, on Saturday said they are “serious about it” and “will be extending ourselves fully in that area”.

In noting that organically grown produce fetched high prices, Samuda contended that “it would be in Jamaica’s best interest to go into that area”.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation notes that organic agriculture relies on ecosystem management rather than inputs such as synthetic fertilisers and pesticides and genetically modified seeds and additives.

It points out that the latter inputs are replaced with site-specific practices that maintain and enhance long-term soil fertility while preventing the onset of pests and diseases.

News Source: Jamaica Observer

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Post Author: Nelzine Brown

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