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News Date: August 12 2016

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Aug 12, CMC -Guyana is set to become the first Caribbean country to be a part of the Competitive Fund for Technical Cooperation (FonTc) Bio-inputs Agricultural Project, funded by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).

The project is aimed at developing the institutional framework for commercial bio-inputs for agricultural use. It will see collaboration among Paraguay, Dominican Republic and Guyana.
IICA’s Representative in Guyana, Wilmot Garnett, speaking at the launch of the initiative on Thursday, said “the search for sustainable systems of agricultural production that are resilient, efficient and able to mitigate adverse environmental impacts caused by climate change require the use of technological packages involving the use of inputs of biological and chemical origin which must be used to specification to ensure agricultural, human, animal and environmental health.”

Acknowledging the importance of the use of standards and protocols for evaluation, registration and post- registration of bio-inputs, the IICA representative said, “establishment of appropriate institutional structures are essential to support agricultural input, suppliers that want to market in a country chemical or biological products, after obtaining registration with the respective competent authorities”.

News Source: Daily Express

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