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News Date: August 13 2016

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries is reorganising the distribution of resources, to ensure that genuine farmers are able to receive assistance whenever they need it.

This was disclosed by Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry, Hon. J.C. Hutchinson during a tour of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) offices in Catherine Hall, St. James on Thursday, August 11.

He noted that while, Members of Parliament will continue to play their part in the distribution process, community-based organisations such as Production and Marketing Organisations (PMOs) will play a more integral role.

Minister Hutchinson said the new regime will give greater autonomy to PMOs, which will identify their members who are in need of assistance.

The organisation will also be responsible for providing marketing services for their members.

“Whether it’s a bag of fertilizer… or a machete, whatever it is (the PMO presidents will) write down the names and what they want , give it to the (RADA) parish manager and the parish manager sends that cheque and list to the farm store which, the PMO president identifies,” Mr Hutchinson explained.

Beneficiaries he said will only be able to access benefits through membership, and presentation of their government issued national identification cards.

Meanwhile, the Agriculture Minister is urging young people to get involved in the agriculture sector.

“I am one who believes that whatever that young person wants to do with the fertilizer, I say to you as long as he is going out there to plant something that he can make money from give him the fertilizer, so that he can make the money,” Mr. Hutchinson said.

News Source: JIS News

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