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News Date: August 18 2016

Two technicians from the Ministry of Agriculture will leave the island this weekend for the United States to participate in a 10-day study tour in a programme entitled: “Agriculture Production Water and Nutrient Management”.

Ika Fergus, extension officer in the southeast district, and Vanessa Prophet, research officer at Dunbars Agriculture Station will be visiting Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee and Washington DC.

National IICA Specialist Craig Thomas said the training programme will expose the technicians to new technologies that are offered in the United States.

“This study tour is organised by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), under the title Technology Advances in Agriculture Production, and they will be looking at various technologies such as agriculture precision, advances in water management and agriculture production, fertiliser and nutrient-use efficiency, among others,” Thomas said.

This study tour will allow participants to visit farmer’s cooperatives, the US Department of Agriculture, Monsanto, the Fertilizer Institute, research and education centres of major agricultural colleges and universities and many large and small scale farmers.

News Source: The Daily Observer

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Post Author: Nelzine Brown

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