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News Date: May 21 2016

Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) President, Dr. Warren Smith, believes agriculture can potentially transform Jamaica’s economy into one that engenders growth and prosperity.

The sector is one of two, deemed pivotal to the Government’s economic growth and job creation agenda, which has benefitted from significant CDB funding support. The other is the micro, small and medium-size enterprise (MSME) sector.

Dr. Smith tells JIS News that the CDB’s input in agriculture has been undertaken through the provision of US$8.1 million in 2012 to fund the first phase implementation of the Government’s National Irrigation Development Plan.

He explains that the undertaking entailed development of the irrigation systems in the farming communities of Hounslow and Pedro Plains in St. Elizabeth, and Sevens River in St. James.

The inputs included the establishment of wells, and installation of pumps and pipelines, among other equipment and infrastructure.

News Source: Jamaica Information Service

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Post Author: Nelzine Brown

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