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News Date: December 21 2016

Port of Spain, December 12, 2016 – CANARI is pleased to announce the addition of four new members of staff; Nicole Brown, Akosua Dardaine Edwards, Natalie Boodram and Dara-Marie Raggay. Nicole and Akosua will be resuming their long-standing relationships with CANARI in their new roles as adjunct Senior Technical Officers, while Natalie and Dara-Marie will be joining us as Senior Technical Officer and Junior Technical Officer respectively.

We look forward to working with Nicole, Akosua, Natalie and Dara-Marie in their new appointments and are confident that they will be major contributors to our future success. Thank you for joining us in welcoming them to our team!

Nicole A. BrownAdjunct Senior Technical Officer

Nicole has had a long-standing relationship with CANARI. In her current role of Adjunct Senior Technical Officer, she contributes to CANARI’s programme delivery in the areas of biodiversity conservation, monitoring and evaluation, and participatory planning for natural resource management.

Akosua Dardaine Edwards, Adjunct Senior Technical Officer

Akosua has been working with CANARI to develop its Rural Livelihoods programme since 2014, and through CANARI’s Green Economy programme, continues to transform Caribbean economies through the use of small and micro enterprises. 

Natalie Boodram, Senior Technical Officer

Forests and rivers give Natalie great joy, thus she is happy to be responsible for the Forests, Livelihoods and Governance programme at CANARI, helping stakeholders protect and manage these critical natural resources.

Dara-Marie A. Raggay, Junior Technical Officer

Dara-Marie provides research and administrative support across multiple programme areas and looks forward to partnering with natural resource users to develop and implement creative, equitable and sustainable solutions.

About CANARI: The Caribbean Natural Resources Institute is a regional technical non-profit organisation which has been working in the islands of the Caribbean for more than 20 years. Our mission is to promote equitable participation and effective collaboration in managing natural resources critical to development.  Our programmes focus on research, sharing and dissemination of lessons learned, capacity building and fostering regional partnerships.

News Source: The Caribbean Natural Resources Institute

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