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News Date: August 03 2016

Members of the Jamaican diaspora are increasing their contribution to the national growth agenda through Farm Up Jamaica Limited (FUJL).

A non-profit organisation, established in 2013, FUJL assists local farmers in the cultivation of organic produce.

The objective is to reduce the importation of conventional, inorganic and genetically modified (GMO) foods; increase the export of organic, niche produce; create numerous green jobs; and revitalise dormant farming communities.

Speaking at a recent JIS Think Tank, Executive Director of FUJL, Neil Curtis, said that the programme is intended to have an impact on the growth of agriculture in Jamaica.

Among the initiatives under the FUJL is the Farmer Assistance programme, which aids in the sustainable cultivation of vacant and underfarmed lands.  Farmers are provided with organic farming technical assistance, equipment, seeds and workforce to grow and harvest crops, and access to the necessary markets.

This programme helps to spread environmentally conscious practices among small holder farmers and students, make nutritious food affordable and easily accessible, create self-reliant, working communities, and bolster local economies.

News Source: JIS News

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Post Author: Nelzine Brown

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