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News Date: June 22 2016

Farmers now have an extra tool to help with farming efforts following power outages or natural disasters where they would otherwise be left in the dark for extended periods of time.

This tool comes in the form of an inflatable solar-powered light source, capable of providing up to 30 hours of light when fully charged.

“In the diaspora, we tried to find ways to plug in everybody, and so what we’ve done is we’ve come up with a light and a campaign called ‘Shed some light on Agriculture’. The product we are using to do that is a product called LuminAID,” said Neil Curtis, who is the Director for the diaspora-funded non-profit organisation called FarmUp Jamaica.

LuminAID was originally developed by two architecture graduate students to assist relief efforts in Haiti, but has since been widely adapted for numerous purposes.

News Source: Jamaica Observer

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Post Author: Nelzine Brown

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